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Claire Plotkin

Claire is a fearless jury consultant and fierce advocate for her clients and cases. If you need a consultant who won't back down and will give you brutal honesty when you need it, Claire is the one to call.

Claire is an expert at giving advice and feedback that helps lawyers understand a juror's point of view.

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$6.4 MILLION VERDICT in slip-and-fall/habitability trial

        Abrego v. BJM, April 2024 (Los Angeles)

$3.5 MILLION VERDICT in excessive police force trial

        Sullivan v. City of Buena Park, May 2024 (Orange County)

$23 MILLION VERDICT in failure to prevent child abuse trial

        Doe v. AFS Sonoma County, December 2023 (Sonoma County)

$25.5 MILLION VERDICT in contractor electrocution trial

        Perez v. Stoneledge, July 2023 (Alameda County)

$6.3 MILLION VERDICT in age discrimination trial

        Contreras v. Kelly Pipe, June 2023 (Los Angeles)

$4.1 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful termination trial

        Whithorn v. West Covina, May 2023 (Los Angeles)

$2.7 MILLION VERDICT in disability discrimination trial

        Spillane v. Partners in Leadership, March 2023 (San Diego)

$5.5 MILLION VERDICT in whistleblower retaliation trial

        Galvan v. UPS, February 2023 (Downtown Los Angeles)

$1.2 MILLION VERDICT in constructive termination trial

        White v. Rockport Services, January 2023 (Downtown Los Angeles)

$2.3 MILLION VERDICT in negligent security/torn ACL trial

        Khanian v. All Action Security, December 2022 (Van Nuys)

$3.5 MILLION VERDICT in whistleblower/termination trial

        Young v. County of Los Angeles, October 2022 (Downtown Los Angeles)

$5.2 MILLION VERDICT in auto crash trial against county sheriff defendant

        Kozy v. County of Orange, October 2022 (Orange County)

$12.2 MILLION VERDICT in slip-and-fall TBI trial (0% fault on plaintiff)

        Vu v. DFS Flooring, April 2022 (Downtown Los Angeles)

$5 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death trial (50% fault on CalTrans)

        Shepard v. CalTrans, March 2022 (Santa Monica)

$6 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death trial

        Doub v. Lyft, November 2021 (Sacramento)

$4.3 MILLION VERDICT in slip and fall trial

        Mora v. Albertsons, November 2021 (Bakersfield)

$21.1 MILLION VERDICT in dangerous condition/wrongful death trial

        Walsh v. CalTrans, July 2021 (Burbank)

$5.5 MILLION VERDICT in negligent supervision vs. retirement home

        Phillips v. AvantGarde, Janury 2020 (Van Nuys)

$15 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death of a 48 year-old son trial

        Keck v. Bel Air Bay Club, November 2019 (Santa Monica)

$13.4 MILLION VERDICT in "consensual" sex abuse of mental health patients

        Doe v. Vista del Mar/Signature Health, August 2019 (Ventura)

$6.2 MILLION VERDICT in personal injury/failure to supervise disabled adult

        Dotson v. Aacres, November 2019 (Orange County)

$3.4 MILLION VERDICT in "lane-splitting" motorcycle versus auto crash trial

        Orrin v. Sundaralingam, August 2019 (Long Beach)

$1.2 MILLION VERDICT in disability discrimination/wrongful termination trial

        Scricca v. UC Irvine, July 2019 (Orange County)

$24.3 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful termination/defamation trial

        King v. US Bank, May 2017 (Sacramento)

$7.8 MILLION VERDICT in disputed liability trucking crash trial

        Takamura v. Pacific Tank Lines, December 2017 (San Bernardino)

$15 MILLION VERDICT in heavily-disputed course and scope, car crash trial

        George v. First Service Residential California, March 2017 (Los Angeles)

DEFENSE VERDICT ($40M demand) in fraud/elder abuse trial

        Howard v. Howard, September 2018 (Glendale)

$3 MILLION VERDICT in non-economic-damage-only wrongful death trial

        Oliver v. Oakwood Worldwide, April 2018 (Van Nuys)

$2.1 MILLION VERDICT in back injury trial (defense suggested $15,000)

        Gil v. Anderson Commercial Plumbing, April 2018 (Van Nuys)

$4.5 MILLION VERDICT in product liability/hip implant trial

        Warner v. Wright Medical, June 2015 (Van Nuys)

$7.8 MILLION VERDICT (including malice royalty) in trade secrets trial

        Pine Valley v. Ajinomoto, January 2016 (Los Angeles)

$2 MILLION VERDICT in personal injury trial

        Summers v. HMT Tank Services, May 2016 (Los Angeles)

$1.5 MILLION VERDICT in sexual harassment/retaliation trial

        Vandervoort v. Fontana Unified Schools, March 2015 (San Bernardino)

$1 MILLION VERDICT in race discrimination/retaliation trial

        Lopez v. Bevery Hills, May 2015 (Los Angeles)

$3.8 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death trial

        Manning v. Sunbelt, November 2014

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