Harry Plotkin

Harry is a nationally-renowned jury consultant and leading voice in the field of jury decision-making, psychology, and persuasion. 


He has helped shape the outcome of over one thousand trials across the country in nearly every state. 

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$13 MILLION VERDICT *county record* in wrongful death/product trial in rural Missouri

        Church v. CNH Industrial, November 2020

$25.6 MILLION VERDICT in dangerous condition/pedestrian stuck in crosswalk trial

        Tusant v. City of Hemet, February 2020

$17 MILLION VERDICT (with fees) in right of publicity trial in San Diego

        Hansen IP Trust v. Coca Cola, Monster Energy, February 2020

$13.3 MILLION VERDICT in traumatic brain injury trial against County sheriffs/nurses

        Collins v. County of San Diego, July 2019

$2 MILLION VERDICT in non-termination retaliation trial against a public university

        Linskey v. UC Irvine, April 2019

$6.5 MILLION VERDICT in zero-offer, coffee burn trial against a hotel

        DeRuyver v. Omni La Costa, March 2019

$7 MILLION VERDICT in 70-mph motorcyclist's wrongful death against local city

        Ascensio v. Covina, October 2018

$45.4 MILLION VERDICT in failure to prevent sexual abuse trial against local County

        F.M. v. Los Angeles County DCFS, July 2018
$2 MILLION VERDICT in non-termination retaliation trial against a public university

        Linskey. v. UC Regents, April 2019

$16.2 MILLION VERDICT in disputed slip-and-fall, disputed brain injury trial

        Kidd v. WKS/El Pollo Loco, February 2018

$25 MILLION VERDICT in product liability/wrongful death trial

        Cruz, Mathenge v. Nissan North America, July 2017

DEFENSE VERDICT ($30M+ demand) in fraud/fiduciary duty trial

        Hotze v. Hotze, October 2018

DEFENSE VERDICT ($30M demand) in fraud/elder abuse trial

        Howard v. Howard, September 2018

$25.1 MILLION VERDICT in whistleblower retaliation trial

        Babyak v. Cardiovascular Systems, April 2017

$29 MILLION VERDICT in medical malpractice trial

        Williams v. Pilapil, March 2017

$16.3 MILLION VERDICT in trip and fall trial

        Picazzo v. CW Driver, October 2017

DEFENSE VERDICT ($16M demand)in fraud/breach of contract trial

        Oregon Ice Cream v. Gleason, April 2017

$256 MILLION VERDICT in fraud/breach of contract trial

        Kahn v. Nissan, May 2017

$26 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death (of a minor) trial

        Zisette v. Starline, November 2016

$5.3 MILLION VERDICT plus malice in negligence/molestation trial

        Doe v. Five Acres, May 2017

$27 MILLION VERDICT in wrongful death/construction site trial

        Gonzalez v. Atlas Supply, July 2016

$47 MILLION VERDICT in breach of contract/employment trial

        Stewart v. AAPS, February 2016

$2.9 MILLION VERDICT (plus malice) in wrongful termination trial

        Mackey v. Helinet, January 2016

$14 MILLION VERDICT in insurance bad faith trial

        Madrigal v. Allstate, November 2015

$7.1 MILLION VERDICT in age discrimination trial

        Simers v. LA Times, November 2015

$10.5 MILLION VERDICT in breach of contract trial

        Stelluti Kerr v. Mapei Corporation, November 2015

$3.5 MILLION VERDICT in eye injury trial versus charter bus

        Guerra v. Starline, November 2015

$9.7 MILLION VERDICT in product liability/design defect trial

        Rivera v. Volvo, August 2015

$28 MILLION VERDICT in medical malpractice/failure to diagnose trial

        Rahm v. Kaiser Permanente, March 2015

$60 MILLION VERDICT in federal wrongful death/product liability trial

        Shinedling v. Sunbeam, June 2015

$8.7 MILLION VERDICT in single-plaintiff discrimination/retaliation trial

        Leggins v. Rite Aide, July 2015

DEFENSE VERDICT in class-action bad faith trial

        Keller, et. al. v. California State University, April 2015
        Class sought $58 million in damages, plus interest

$1.75 MILLION VERDICT + MALICE in employment retaliation trial

        Wascher v. Kaiser, June 2015
        No claims for economic damages, only emotional distress

$3.3 MILLION VERDICT + MALICE in breach of fiduciary duty trial

        Colaco v. Cavotec, June 2015
        DEFENSE VERDICT on claims, won on counter-claims

$16.2 MILLION VERDICT against employer in car crash/injury trial
        Evans v. Prospect Education, February 2015
        Jury found driver was in “course and scope” while commuting

$58 MILLION VERDICT in personal injury/car crash trial

        Herman v. Cardiel, June 2014
        Verdict included $45 million in non-economic damages

RECORD VERDICT in a federal whistleblower trial

        Zulfer v. Playboy, March 2014
        $6 million verdict, plus finding of malice (settled)

DEFENSE VERDICT in product liability/wrongful death trial
        Chen v. BusWest, April 2015
        Plaintiff’s attorney asked for $57 million in closing